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Anne Arundel County is developing a program to reduce the costs of converting from private septic tanks to the county sewer system. Even a well-maintained septic tank can release harmful pollutants into the Bay. Learn More.

What does this impact?

Personal and community health

Water quality

Wildlife and fish habitat

Use of public waters

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The Department of Public Works uses the following criteria to prioritize areas for septic-to-sewer connections

Although a carefully maintained, properly used private septic system is generally safe, many of the systems in Anne Arundel County have unique challenges that can contribute to system failure. The Health Department has identified problem areas in the County where conditions could lead to septic system failures, resulting in poor groundwater quality and risks to public health. These On-site Wastewater Management Problem Areas are characterized by:





Inadequate Areas For Replacement Drain Fields

Properties located near existing public sewer system infrastructure are easier to connect to the County’s existing sewer network.

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Septic tanks on properties within a 1,000 feet of the Bay have the highest potential to deliver pollutants to our waterways.

Search your address to see if your property fits this description

Projects will be ranked on the unit cost of nitrogen removal, which can be impacted by property location, constructibility, means of conveyance, and property size.

How do Septic Systems Impact our Health and our Waterways?

More than 40,000 properties in Anne Arundel County use on-site septic systems to treat their wastewater which can significantly pollute water under certain conditions.

In dense subdivisions located close to the water, even properly operating private septic systems can release up to eight times more pollutants into the Bay than the County’s water reclamation facilities. Learn More

When a household septic system is not properly maintained, untreated wastewater can overwhelm the drain fields and surface to the ground, polluting the water supply. Learn More

When systems do not operate properly or are too close to private drinking water wells, contaminants from the wastewater may even reach drinking water. Learn More

What Can I Do to Help Improve our Community’s Health and Waterways?

A DPW representative is available to provide more details about the Septic-to-Sewer program to you and your neighbors. Please submit a request, and a representative will be in contact with you shortly.

Septic System Maintenance

If you have a septic system but your property is not eligible for the program, you can still take steps to protect the environment and prolong the life of your septic system.

Find important tips and resources on the Anne Arundel Health Department's website.